• is philosophy, science, art, medicine and a holistic manual therapy.
  • was first named as such by Andrew Taylor Still about 160 years ago and continues to develop every day.
  • means "anatomy, anatomy and anatomy" (A.T. Still).
  • works with connective tissues as relational structures in the body.
  • connects to and heals human beings through their bodies that sometimes know much more than you and me.
  • relies on the distinct ability to perceive through our bodily senses.
  • sets self-healing impulses and is often divided into three areas:
    • craniosacral (brain, spinal cord with surrounding fluid and skins)
    • visceral (thoracic and abdominal organs) and
    • structural (fascia, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles)
  • is based on five principles:
    • life is movement,
    • structure and function are mutually dependent,
    • a human being a unit,
    • the artery plays a central role,
    • the body has self-healing powers.

...fascinates me over and over again every day.